Days 244, 245 and 246

I want to take the time to tell you a bit about my wonderful husband.

Today was a really frustrating day. I have been spending the last couple of weeks finishing more sketches for the project, doing the daily embroideries, trying to catch up on days that I couldn't embroider this year, getting ready for the summer art shows, building displays, making new product.

yada yada.... I could go on.

But he didn't let me.

"You do this to yourself." he told me.

"No one has these expectations but you."

He has been so patient and supportive with this project. But I know he finds it frustrating sometimes.

At midnight he came downstairs where I was sewing and said, "Come to bed... its late".

But stubbornly I told him that I was going to finish what I was working on.

It is now 3:00am and I  wish I had gone to bed. I am tired and am going to be a mess tomorrow morning. I am lucky that I have someone looking out for me. Sometimes I think he doesn't understand but he knows me better than I know myself.

So I leave you with me and my guy. The greatest guy who agreed to have our 7 year old daughter take some lovely photos of us that I then sewed. The kind a guy that lets you stand on his feet because you tell him it will be a great shot.

I'm coming up to bed buddy.