Days 209, 209 and 210 Do What You Love

This project's subject matter is the reflection of everything that makes me laugh, that makes me smile. Everything that makes me happy.

So how can I not feature the project itself.

Being able to do this with the generous support of my family, friends and and you who come and check out the blog  has been such an incredible experience. I get to do something I love (my index finger and thumb might argue this) and share it with the world every day.

I started embroidery after my father had passed away.  My father was a very cultured man. He loved music, literature and the visual arts. My love of the arts I owe to him. He always told me that I was wasting my talents by not trying to pursue being an artist. I thought he was being a biased dad. I didn't go to art school, when I looked at what other artist were making my work seemed so.. for lack of a better word...lame.

But this project has taught me not to judge your work. Just make what you love making. I know my art doesn't make any huge statements, but I hope the project does. To do what makes you happy. 

I wish he was alive to see this project. I know he would have got a real kick out of this.

So I present  portraits of myself doing what I love. The first portrait features one of my Dad's bed linens that I always loved. So much so that it is now featured as my favorite tattoo my right arm.

Thank you all again for being so supportive. It means so much to me.


backside of embroidery.