day 117 (Things About Me You Might Not Know)

I used to be the most painfully shy child.

How shy?

Well let me tell you.
I used to LOVE McDonald's french fries.  When I was young we used to stop at McDonalds on the way to the cottage. I lived for this. I was a fussy eater growing up. But I loved those fries. But they had to have ketsup.

My father was aware of my shyness and was trying to give me little challenges overcome my timidness. My challenge was the same one every time we made this trip.
My Dad would order for all off us. We would return to our table I would be eagerly awaiting my thin salty fries and then I would realize all the ketsup had been spoken for.
You have to be kidding me.

I was to ask the McDonald's cashier for the ketsup myself. My whole family was in on this. No need to even ask if they would spare me a packet. I hated fries without ketsup. I put on a brave face and walked towards the counter.

I made eye contact with the employee and she looked really annoyed. I quickly turned on my heels and head back to the table. I held out my hands for the car keys. (I was not going to eat fries without ketsup, plus I  failed the challenges.)  I retreat to our car. Looking up at the sign of how many million have been served I wonder if they ask for ketsup for their fries all on their own.

I would like to let everyone know that I am no longer shy at all. I can't remember when I overcame it but I know it was a very slow process. I still get tongue tied and nervous, but my fries always have ketsup.