day 63 (Blog Crush Week)

This week is dedicated to all the bloggers that I crush on.

I have always been a blog lurker.
 I love to read them but never comment. If I did  my comments would consist of "you are so cool", and "that's awesome", and probably another "you are so cool" and maybe a "I wish we were friends" and I don't want to scare anyone or sound to lame... so that is why I lurk.

Blogs are funny, you get so attached to the people who write them. They become your friends without ever having to meet.

These gals are like that for me. I can't wait to hear what they are up to, what they are wearing, what they are making... I just can't wait to hear from them.

I am proud to say that I have left my lurker status behind me and have spoken to all these ladies and they are as sweet and nice as I could have imagined.

And best of all they all agreed to be featured in the 365.

Blog Crush number 1.

My Girl Thursday.

 I do not just follow Thursday on her blog. I follow her around our city to thrift stores, craft shows, indoor playgrounds, and splash pads. I followered her for so long that she finally gave in and now we are friends.